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Jitendra Sharma  home tutor in Kanpur Road Lucknow

Jitendra Sharma Chemistry Home Tutor in Kanpur Road Lucknow

Teaches in Alambagh, areas in Lucknow.

Tutor's Overview

Jitendra Sharma is Chemistry, math, teacher live in Kanpur Road Lucknow. Jitendra Sharma is a tuition tutor with 10 years of teaching experience. Jitendra Sharma teaches 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, . students as a tuition teacher in Alambagh, areas.


Jitendra Sharma charges 400 Rs Per Hour as a Tuition Fee. Tuition fee is negotiable if tutor is needed for long term. 1 Hour of demo class is free in our experts supervision.


Jitendra Sharma is well educated and done M.sc


Jitendra Sharma have 10 years of teaching experience as home tutor.

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